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In this delightful story, Melody Mouse has a grumpy neighbour - Ludwig van Beethoven.


Why is he always so noisy?

Join Melody as she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, learns more about the world’s most famous classical composer and discovers the joys of music.

Children's Book Author. Music Educator.


"An engaging, kid-oriented look at a legendary composer and his work." - Kirkus Review

The Little caterpillar

Markham Public Library Trail Project
The Little Caterpillar-2.png
The Little Caterpillar fears the big world. Snakes, spiders and especially bears, are very dangerous, so the Little Caterpillar decides to stay inside the safety of her chrysalis. But the Little Caterpillar misses out on what is happening around  her. What will push the Little Caterpillar to get the courage to soar? 

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