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Markham Public Library Author Storytime

Saturday Oct. 7th at 11 am at Aaniin Library

Saturday Nov. 18th at 11 am at Angus Glen Library

Saturday Dec. 2nd at 11 am at Unionville Library

Author storytime, sing-along, crafts and games!

Inpiring the next generation of writers 

Markham Review 

The Little Caterpillar

The Little Caterpillar fears the big world. Snakes, spiders and especially bears, are very dangerous, so the Little Caterpillar decides to stay inside the safety of her chrysalis. But the Little Caterpillar misses out on what is happening around  her. What will push the Little Caterpillar to get the courage to soar? 
The Little Caterpillar-2.png

"The MPL Trail Project highlights the natural and cultural history of the area through storytelling and programming, emphasizing the wellness benefits of nature while attracting visitors to the two main streets."

Book Author Chanel Rose Chow Talks about her latest children's book "The Mouse in Beethoven's House"

Tailor of Sound


Author Storytime, Markham Village Library February 4, 2023

Author Storytime, Awesome Authors Camp July 14th, 2023

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